Visualize your relationships as plants­č¬┤ and care for them

Be intentional about your favourite people. Track your interactions and get reminders to stay connected.

The Why

Balans makes it easy to care for your people

Track your most important relationships.

Get reminders to keep in touch and use notes to remember important details.

Use conversation prompts to effortlessly connect with people.

Watch your relationships grow as you invest in them. Each time you use a conversation prompt or write a note, your plant grows.

The How

Invest in your favourite people and build stronger bonds

Track your most important relationships

Be intentional about your favourite people. Add them to your garden and Balans will help you stay in touch. They don't have to be on the app.

Get Reminders & Keep Notes

With reminders, when it's time to check-in, Balans will let you know. Notes also help you remember important details, so you can be better at caring for your people.

Conversation Prompts

Don't know what to text someone? Our conversation prompts make it easy to reach out to your people.

Get Started

Be intentional about your people and build stronger bonds